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Hi I'm Diana from Mexico and I'm 18. With yeciela and thecompanionwhoneverwas we are the Bad Touch Trio, kesese guess who I am

My OTP's: ♥Johnlock, MorMor, Cherik/Fassavoy, Mr Wrench x Mr Numbers, Gerita, UsUk, Prucan, -Pruhun as well- SuFin, Spamano, Hannigram♥

Series I love: Sherlock BBC, Fargo, Hetalia, SnK, Ouran High School Host Club, American Horror Story, X men, Doctor Who, Death Note, South Park, Star Trek, Hannibal NBC, Supernatural, That's 70's Show, Cabin Pressure, LotR, Harry Potter, The Avengers. Orphan Black, Dexter

Music: MCR, FOB, 30STM, Lana del Rey, Arctic Monkeys
Favorite Fan Fiction (Last update: July 2014) (x)


Here you got a list of those fics (mostly from Sherlock BBC) that I fell in love. I don’t own them BUT if you have doubts about some of them feel free to ask me. I must say that I will be updating this list every time I find a new cute story so keep on sigh


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I¡m on hiatus -for two weeks, almost, don’t panic-

Why? My computer broke and so the modem (the thing that gives internet)

How? Don¡t ask, such a horrible accident that u don’t wanna know, hurtful and very very awful

But? but what?

Can’t we talk? yes! my kik is yescherryboomiero. I’ll be there honey!

I’m so sorry, see you in two weeks my darlings:CCCCC

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"Hey Cas, what are you doin’?
"Just thinking"
"Oh yeah? About what?"
"Angel Stuff Dean, just important angel stuff"

"Hey Cas, what are you doin’?

"Just thinking"

"Oh yeah? About what?"

"Angel Stuff Dean, just important angel stuff"

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APH England headcanons!


- England is a genius in mathematics

- England wears readingglasses sometimes

- England smells like tea and mint

- England’s hair is really soft, as soft as the feathers on a baby chicken

- England hates firecrackers (canon)

- England reads porn (canon)

- England is a secret spy

- England takes up the phone naked very often, and loves walking trought the house in his nude, especially when drunk.

- England hugs himself in his sleep

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Hetalia Headcanons: What the Countries Smell Like

Italy: Kitchens and herbs and chocolate and faintly of watercolor paint

Germany: Musky smell, like leather and sweat and gunpowder, faintly of dogs

Japan: Water - the ocean and hot springs

America: Burgers and Axe cologne and leather

England: Rain and tea leaves and old books

China: Ink and wood and green tea

Russia: Vodka (not too strong though) and sunflowers and cologne

France: Pastries, roses, red wine and cologne (a bit stronger than the rest of the countries)

Romano: Brick ovens and powerful spices and cologne, sometimes like grass

Spain: Cinnamon and tomatoes and adobe bricks and earthiness

Ukraine: Grass and dirt and sunflowers and warm milk, almost like a baby's smell

Belarus: Vodka (a bit stronger than Russia) and smoke, covered by perfume

Canada: Maple syrup and other sweet things

Cuba: Ocean air and cigars

Austria: Metal and wood and candle wax

Switzerland: Gunpowder and smoke

Liechtenstein: Flowers and fresh cut grass and a little bit of gunpowder

Belgium: Bakeries and fresh bread and chocolate

Rome: Warm kitchens, tomatoes, and the smell of the sidewalk after the rain stops

Prussia: Too much cologne

Hungary: Flowers and laundry soap, with a little bit of gunpowder in there

Denmark: Beer and cologne

Iceland: Beaches and sand, a salty-cold smell

Finland: Crayons and firewood and sweet fruits

Norway: Roasting meat and old metal armor and fires, but also has a sweet sort of smell

Sweden: Rusting metal and hot cocoa and bonfires

Estonia: Metal and old wood and fresh linens

Latvia: Foods and sweets, yummy-smelling things

Poland: New fabric and hair product

Lithuania: Antiseptic solutions and old metal

Greece: Wheat fields and dust, with a sort of warm smell of a hot day

Sealand: Salt water and oil and old factories

Seychelles: The ocean and beaches and flowers and sunny days

Scotland: Musky cologne and cigars and grass

Romania: Smells of cologne, which is covering a faint smell of blood and chemicals

Seborga: Smells faintly of herbs, mostly of the ocean

India: Deep spices and sand and incense

(Made by both najikasun and cocopowder16)

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headcanon that prussia texts the other nations puns at 3am

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Hetalia Headcanons - The nations' favorite pick-up lines

America: Are you from Tennessee? 'Cause you're the only ten I see! (Alternate: If you were a burger at McDonald's, you'd be the McGorgeous!)

England: Bond...James Bond.

France: [He gives the woman 12 roses - 1 real, 11 fake] I will stop loving you when all the roses die. (Alternate: I wish I were a tear, so I could start in your eyes, live on your face, and die on your lips.)

Russia: You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall is in love with me.

China: If beauty were time, you'd be eternity.

Canada: I invented the zipper. (Alternate: How much does a polar bear way? Enough to break the ice.)

Veneziano (North Italy): See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I'm cute.

Romano (South Italy): I noticed you noticing me and I wanted to note that I noticed you noticed me.

Germany: Drink until I'm good looking, then come talk to me.

Japan: Your eyes are blue as the ocean, and I'm lost at sea.

Prussia: I heard sex is a serial killer. Wanna die happy?

Sweden: If I follow you home, will you keep me?

Norway: You must be the cause of global warming. Because you're hot.

Finland: I must be a snowflake, 'cause I'm falling for you!

Denmark: Can I read your T-shirt in Braille?

Iceland: Your mom was pretty good, so I figured you'd be, too.

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All the hetalia characters are cute in their own way

Italy: Ditzy/Stupid Cute

Germany: Awkward Cute

Japan: Withdrawn Cute

America: Obnoxious Cute

England: Stuck-Up Cute

China: Attempting-to-be-Manly Cute

Russia: Childish Cute (sometimes)

France: Flirty Cute

Romano: Tsundere-to-the-extreme Cute

Canada: Shy Cute

Prussia: Dorky Cute

Hungary: Tough-Girl Cute

Liechtenstein: Little Girl Cute

Switzerland: Protective-Big-Brother Cute

Austria: Perfectionist Cute

Denmark: Loud and Outgoing Cute

Finland: Clingy Cute

Sweden: Manly-As-Fuck Cute

Norway: Adoring-on-the-Inside Cute

Iceland: Unwilling-to-Cooperate Cute

Latvia: Tiny Cute

Lithuania: Optimistic Cute

Estonia: Geeky Cute

Hong Kong: Stubborn Cute

Taiwan: Pretty-Lady Cute

Korea: Annoying-Little-Brother Cute

Ukraine: Emotional Cute

Belarus: On-and-Off-Yandere Cute

Holy Roman Empire: Hopelessly-in-Love Cute

Chibitalia: Babbu Cute

Chibimano: Pouty Cute

Rome: Doting-Grandfather Cute

Germania: Stoic Cute


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How Relatable Hetalia Characters Really Are

Veneziano: You always have that urge to smile and to be happy, no matter what happens and no matter who you're around. If something sad or scary happens, you'll cry, but you just need someone else to be there for a little while, and you'll be smiling again in no time. But, when you're alone, that's the time when you can let your guard down and let your smile disappear. Because, even though you hate to admit it, it's a mask, more than some of the time.

Germany: Emotions are difficult to express in just the right way. If you want to express yourself or say how you feel, it's incredibly hard to do so. However, that doesn't mean the feelings don't exist. They're there; they just need a lot of coaxing to come out. And usually, that coaxing comes from your closest friends and most trusted people.

Japan: If you've spent so much time alone and isolated, it's hard to get back together and associated with society. People can come off as being intimidating or overly-affectionate or whatever, but in the end, they all mean well - it just takes time for you to realize this. But maybe, just maybe, it's crossed your mind that they might be the normal ones, and you might be the different one.

France: Despite the fact that pasts are almost never pretty, especially yours, and also despite the fact that you've lost so much, and hurt so much back then, you still know that, since you're still here, and since you're constantly surrounded by those you care most about, you should keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face. Because, even though you didn't believe it at first, it really does help. But smiles also can't solve everything, because sometimes all they seem to lead to are misty-eyes and aching hearts.

America: Just because you're excited and full of energy doesn't make you immature or stupid. Just because you smile and laugh to much or too loudly doesn't mean you always feel that way. Just because you don't portray negative emotions very often doesn't mean they don't exist. And just because you love to have fun and act childish doesn't mean you are a kid - it just means you wish you could be one again.

England: Having and keeping friends close is difficult, but it's something we all strive for, deep down. Even if you seem cold and uncaring sometimes, other times, it's a cry for attention that we're too self-conscious to ask for. It's alright to feel that way, whether we like to think that or not. "I've lost so many people already, it's not likely you'll keep any now" is your mindset sometimes, which can lead to even more sadness and desire for attention.

China: Knowledge doesn't always lead to happiness or glory. It leads to further knowledge, which can help support you and build you up, but it can't actually give you the same happiness that other things would, such as other people, other things, or other sensations that cannot be reached or accomplished or acquired by simply being wise and knowing. And just because you're wise doesn't mean you can't find joy in the simpler things life has to offer.

Russia: Outer appearances say a lot about us as first impressions. However, once the initial impressions are gone, sometimes the outer appearance can reveal more than was first expected. Someone intimidating can be soft, someone soft can be intimidating, etc. First impressions should never be the ones you form your opinions on.

Canada: Even the quiet ones can have something to say. And it's usually those who have the very best and very most life-changing ideas. They cause revolutions, they cause changes for the better, they can improve the earth around them, but they're also stuck inside their little heads, waiting patiently for a chance to slip out. But they don't deserve to be ignored. The quietest ones have the loudest thoughts.

Romano: Jealousy is an everyday thing, it's normal. However, in excess and over time, it starts to eat away at your skills and your motivation and your spirit and your happiness. Everybody seems better than you, more talented than you, more important and more needed than you, and you feel like nothing but a third wheel, tucked away in a corner. But in all reality, there are those people who see past your flaws (which aren't really that bad, once you think about it) and who can see straight through your eyes and into your soul. And in there resides something pure. Someone that just wants to be appreciated and who wants to excel and who wants to never, ever be compared to anyone else. Failure is more than just a fear.

Spain: Happiness is something that's important to you, but not because you want to be happy yourself. If you're happy, and you show someone that you're happy, then hopefully it can spread, and create more happiness around you. Other people's happiness gives you strength, makes you tick, helps you thrive. And as long as you can start that cycle, you're satisfied. However, there are those days where happiness simply won't come, but all those people you've helped to smile? They always come back and help you to smile again. Happiness is a circle; a circle that can spread around the whole world and back. You've just gotta start to draw that circle. The world will finish it.

Prussia: Your life is dependent on other people, as much as you hate to admit it. Being alone is out of the question. Other people need to be there, for you to annoy and for you to laugh with and for you to sulk with, etc. Even if you're not fond of that person, or those people, it's better to be around people you hate than nobody at all. And you know, because you've been all alone before, and it hurts. It hurts more than anything. So, though they may not realize it (or may ignore it altogether), your friends, as well as your enemies, mean the world to you, and you'd never, ever give them up.

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i know what i’m doing on the next party night

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