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Hello there. I'm Diana from Mexico and I'm 18. With yeciela and Valeria we are the Bad Touch Trio, kesese guess who I am.
Anime and series trash, mostly Hetalia, Sherlock bbc and Snk. Biggest english crush
♥usuk, johnlock and funny randomness♥



Do you ever get jealous of someone who interacts really well with a really close friend of yours, not because you have a crush on your friend or anything but because you’re jealous of how much you pale in comparison to them when you see how much of a better friend they are to the one you’re close to?


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Fall Out Boy

(Coffee's For Closers)

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People don’t take the right meaning away from this song. It’s not ‘I’ll never believe in anything ever again.’ It’s kinda this song about cameras and how they can either put us in a cage or they can set us free. And change is okay, if it’s real change. But we need to change in places like Sri Lanka and Burma and Northern Uganda and the Congo. And we need cameras there instead of cameras following around fake-ass people in Los Angeles, myself being one of them.

- Pete Wentz about Coffee’s for Closers off Folie a Deux. (via lucirinthenight)
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Fall Out Boy

The (Shipped) Gold Standard

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If I relate to only one FOB lyric

It’s this one


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Fall Out Boy

Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet

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Rock, paper, scissors, pencil, eraser. I thought we were naming office supplies. Why do I have a rock

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Fall Out Boy- Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes

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it was thirst at first sight

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*mic drop*




*mic drop*


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